Now that Halloween has passed, fall slides into an odd in-between. I expect the slowness and colorlessness of winter to descend immediately but somehow it resists. Instead we get days like yesterday, where I sat on the diag for nearly an hour alone marveling at the mottled sun coming through the trees and warming me while the cool dirt below slowly seeped moisture into my jeans interspersed with weekends where it does nothing but rain. Neither feel right to me, I who crave snow and the decisive cold of a first frost, but nothing much feels right anymore. The semester chugs along with no end in sight, election season continues to give me nightmares, and I cannot for the very life of me keep the house clean. And yet. There is a feeling anyways that it will all be over somehow, soon.

Season-appropriate (i.e. spooky) reading recommendations are as follows:

  • The Fifty-Year Sword by Mark Z. Danielewski if you’re into ghost stories and post-modern novels.
  • Notes from a Dead House by Fyodor Dostoyevski if you’re a traditionalist and appreciate a bleak sense of humor.
  • The Last Werewolf by Glenn Ducan if you like moody paranormals and existential sarcasm.
  • Sunshine by Robin McKinley if you like YA and stories of self-affirmation.

Oleander’s Mid-Fall Mixtape, Courtesy of Kelly Sprouse:

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